At the core of a UASEM education is a slew of unique experiences. We encourage our students to try new things and strive to find fun, meaningful programs for all. Students who embrace this wealth of opportunity emerge well-rounded, with a richer understanding of self and world, as well as at least an inkling of of all the world has to offer. 

Summer Programs

On average, students who don't continue their learning over the summer lose up to 80% of the previous year's learning. We aim to keep our students' brains busy over the summer months by connecting them to activities in the city -- dance, theater, the arts, sailing, leadership, the outdoors, film, and more. Later in their high school careers, students have opportunities to go to sleep-away camps, stay on college campuses, and even travel abroad. 

Chat & Chews

Once a month a group of selected students will have lunch with an emergency management professional. This gives them a forum to ask questions in a casual, intimate setting, and put a face on the field they're studying.

Field Trips & Guest Speakers

Field trips and guest speakers are common at UASEM. They help us bring students out into the world and the world into school. Students are empowered by their growing knowledge of their city, its people, jobs, and colleges. Seeing real workplaces and participating in actual emergency management work creates a clearer vision of a potential future.  

Community Service

Because “all disasters are local,” student involvement in the community is essential. UASEM students and staff are emergency management ambassadors, preparing their own communities for emergencies by assessing vulnerabilities, learning neighbors’ attitudes and concerns about emergency preparedness, strengthening the bonds of community members, and promoting resiliency in the face and wake of a crisis.

After-School Sports, Clubs, & Arts

Every student at UASEM is required to participate in at least one after-school activity per semester. There are tons of opportunities to explore and develop special talents. Some offerings include basketball, track, soccer, weightlifting, and tennis; chess, peer mediation and tutoring, debate, and a disaster movie club; art, dance, theater, and photography.