Get Involved

Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)  
Research shows that students with involved families do better. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and pass their classes, attend school regularly and have better social skills, and are more likely to go on to college. The PTA is a way to connect family, school, and community, and keep those lines of communication open.  If you're interested in joining, please contact our parent coordinator.

Give Material Resources
Public high schools are always in need of office supplies, books, and quality furniture and technology. If you or your organization has surplus, we may be able to use it.

Volunteer Time & Talent
Love to staple? File? Paint? Organize? We can probably use your hands. Are you a graphic designer? A storyteller? Yoga instructor? Have a special skill or talent you can share or teach? Show us! Spare time? We need you! Teachers work very hard, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Attend Our Annual Fundraiser
A fun way to meet our amazing community and raise money for a great cause.

Become an Industry or Post-Secondary Partner
Partnerships with professionals in fields related to Emergency Management are essential to the success of our students, as are strong ties to post-secondary institutions and universities. If you or your organization is interested in developing a partnership with the Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management, contact our Partnership Coordinator.

Donate Funds 
The rich and rigorous educational experience we strive to give our students often exceeds the fiscal constraints of a public school budget. Every donation we receive goes directly towards student programming. Your contribution could send a student to camp, on a college visit, or to an exciting after-school theater program. Donations might bring teacher artists into the school, or provide art supplies and technology for enrichment programs. They pay for school celebrations, student honors, and more. Your generosity is most appreciated! Please call for information about how to make a donation.