Once they reach their junior year, every UASEM student has the opportunity to apply for a paid summer or after-school internship with one of our partners. The school and the partner collaborate to place students in internships they're well-suited to, and together we support students through every step of the application, interview, and matching process, and throughout the internship.

Students who participate in an internship can:
- Identify and develop their strengths and find the intersection of their interests and abilities. 
- Develop a portfolio of accomplishments that demonstrate a degree of mastery in authentic settings (including professional credentials and content for resumes and application essays).
- Build relationships with adults outside the classroom.
- Create their own meaningful definition of college and career success.
- Learn the rewards of paid work, and begin practicing responsible personal finance.

What Internships Often Do for UASEM Students
- Improves academic performance, motivation, and confidence.
- Helps students connect their school learning to a real-world context.
- Strengthens “soft skills” like time-management, communication, professionalism, teamwork, self-discipline, and self-knowledge.
- Provides contact with professionals and working environments that students may not otherwise have exposure to.

Where Do Internships Occur?
Students have interned at:   NYC Emergency Management, the Department of Education's Emergency Management Unit, New York University, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), American Red Cross, Warnable, NYC Housing Authority, LPI, St. John's Episcopal Hospital, and more.