The Urban Assembly
The Urban Assembly is a non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and support small public high schools with exciting curricular themes and a hands-on approach to instruction. www.urbanassembly.org

FEMA Region II
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is part of the US Department of Homeland Security. They coordinate disaster response when the resources of local and state authorities are overwhelmed.

The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross of Greater New York serves more than 13 million people in New York City; Long Island; Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Westchester counties; and Greenwich, Conn. They respond to about seven emergencies and disasters a day —home fires, floods, building collapses—and more, providing shelter, food, clothing and emotional support at no cost.

New York City Emergency Management
The New York City Emergency Management plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates emergency response and recovery, and collects and disseminates emergency information.

New York City Police Department
The NYPD are first responders to all varieties of emergencies in the city.  Their Law Enforcement Explorers is a program designed to educate young men and women about law enforcement.

Fire Department of New York
The FDNY protects citizens and property of New York City's five boroughs from fire, provides emergency medical services, technical rescue as well as providing primary response to biological, chemical and radioactive hazards.

The Emergency Management Institute
EMI provides emergency management training to government at all levels, as well as volunteer organizations and public and private business. Instruction focuses on all varieties of disasters at the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Adelphi University
This Long Island liberal arts college offers an M.S. and a graduate certificate in Emergency Management. The programs prepare students for leadership roles in organizations and services that deal with emergencies.

Metropolitan College of New York
MCNY offers a Masters of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management that covers the planning, management, logistics, response, relief, recovery and economics associated with managing emergency situations. They are currently developing the first undergraduate program in emergency management.

Con Edison
Providing electricity to 10’s of millions, Con Edison continues to improve their emergency response plans to power outages caused by storms, other natural disasters, system emergencies, and civil emergencies. They use the Incident Command System (ICS), which allows them to communicate in a common vocabulary with our federal, state and local agencies.

Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.
Thornton Tomasetti, an international engineering company, provides complete multidisciplinary design services to building the industry. They provide engineering design and investigation around the world, looking at the full life cycle of structures, and when a building or bridge fails, they find out what happened.

Lucius Pitkin
Lucius Pitkin is a structural engineering firm that offers stress analysis, fracture mechanics, and other services.
They analyze buildings and structures that collapse or fail, find the root cause, and use technical expertise to explain how to make improvements.

National Center for Disaster Preparedness - The Earth Institute, Columbia University 
Research, policy, and practice to enhance system readiness for mega-disasters; foster community preparedness and engagement; understand population vulnerability; explore strategies to improve disaster recovery; with a focus on the needs of children in disaster recovery.

The Shoreline Project
SHOREline is a youth empowerment program that seeks to provide an opportunity to make fundamental changes in the lives of youth, their families, their communities, and beyond. NCDP created SHOREline with the support of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation to give youth a voice—and a platform—for encouraging their own recovery and the recovery of those around them.