UASEM students take the coursework of a traditional high school, but on top of that, can chose from an array of enrichment, college, and AP options, as well as Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Academic rigor is balanced with community building and celebrations:  every fall you’ll enjoy the sunshine at the UASEM BBQ, at Thanksgiving you’ll feast with alumni at our Annual Potluck, before winter break you’ll get creative for the Ugly T-Shirt Contest, in the winter you might go ice skating, and in the spring you’ll enjoy our end-of-year Field Day. Students with excellent attendance and grades get to go outside for lunch. 

Grade 9

Freshmen meet with their advisory a few days per week, and get support adjusting to high school, exploring options for your future, and setting goals.

In English you’ll read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and you’ll engage in Socratic Discussions.

In Living Environment you’ll dissect a rat or pig.

In Emergency Management, you’ll create an emergency plan for your family and train at the FDNY Fire Academy.

You’ll get certified in CPR and First Aid!

You can join a mentoring program, so you have another adult to support you through high school.

In the summer, you can go to sleep-away camp or apply for a cool summer program in the city.

Other courses: 
Global History, Algebra/Trigonometry, and weightlifting or yoga and tai chi.

Grade 10

In English you’ll read Fences, and might go see a play on Broadway.

In art class you’ll learn to design and sew your own stuffed animal.

In Emergency Management, you’ll volunteer to help rebuild houses damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

During Career Week you'll meet professionals, learn about different jobs, practice  interviewing, learn personal finance, and visit workplaces.

You’ll get the chance to join Summer Search, a program that will send you on amazing summer trips around the US and overseas.

You can apply for a paid summer job, go to camp, or explore your interests at a summer program.

Mais oui, bien sur! You will begin to learn the French language and might take a trip to french-speaking Montreal, Canada with the French Club. 

Grade 11

In English, you’ll read How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents and will start writing college essays.

You might take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in Government, Environmental Science, English, or Calculus for an extra challenge and college credit!

In Emergency Management you’ll make your very own resume and learn to write a cover letter.

In Health class you will study healthy nutrition, fitness, relationships, and sexuality.

In Physics, you might visit iFly, and learn first-hand about velocity as you jump into a wind tunnel.

After school, you can take college classes in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and more -- for credit, for free! -- through the College Now program at BMCC, Baruch College, and John Jay College.

You’ll visit colleges around New York City and start to think about which one you want to attend.

You can apply for a paid professional internship with one of UASEM’s partners.

You'll take the SAT! And will have the chance to take SAT-prep classes after school or on the weekend.

Grade 12

In English you'll read increasingly challenging texts, especially if you're in AP. 

You'll choose between a Computer Science class, where you'll learn to code, or Anatomy & Physiology where you'll learn about human body systems.

You'll get certified in Mental Health First Aid.  

You can sign up for a course to become a certified EMT after high school. 

You might get to leave school early to go work at your internship. And at lunch, you can go outside.

You'll bond with your classmates at fun senior trips, an overnight weekend for seniors upstate, and at your prom. 

You'll get intensive, ongoing support with your college applications and financial aid and scholarship applications. 

You'll be a school leader, leaving a legacy and helping incoming freshmen be successful in high school.

You will graduate in a cap and gown, and go on to pursue all your dreams in college and career.