Core Curriculum

Grading Policy
UASEM teachers hold high expectations for students in everything they do. In their studies, students are expected to attain their personal best at all times. Our school uses a standards based report card system to share with families the progress of their students. The rubric grading and its equivalents are as follows:

A = 90-100%          B = 80-89%          C = 70-79%
D = 60 - 69%         F = 55%  


Grade Breakdown

Summative Assessments = 60%
Formative Assessments = 25%
Teacher Choice = 10%
Homework = 5%

Grade 9
Global History 1 (2 credits) 
English 9
Living Environment*
Integrated Algebra or Algebra II/Trig*
CTE (2 credits)

Grade 10
Global History* (2 credits)
English 10*
Earth Science*
Algebra II/Trig* or Geometry
Foreign Language
CTE (2 credits)
Fine Arts (1 credit) 

Grade 11
US History* (2 credits)
English 11*
CTE/ Science or Physics*
CTE/ Geometry* or Pre-Calculus*
Foreign Language* (optional)
CTE/ Arts (2 credits)

 *Regents Exam

Grade 12
CTE/ PIF/ Economics /AP Economics (2 credits)
CTE/ English 12/ AP English
CTE/ Chemistry
CTE/ Applied Math or Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus
Foreign Language (optional)
CTE (1-2 credits or internship)



Advance Placement College Courses                                                                                                                                    AP Environmental Science                                                                                                                                                       AP US History                                                                                                                                                                               AP Government                                                                                                                                                                             AP English Language Composition                                                                                                                                         AP English Literature                                                                                                                                                                   AP Calculus AB