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Parent involvement in a student's education is a vital part of a young person's success. UASEM has a number of ways that families and guardians can get involved in school life. If you are interested in serving on the Parent Association, have a skill to share, or just want to volunteer some time to an event, please contact our Parent Coordinator

School Uniforms

Polo shirts with the UASEM patch are available for purchase at school for $15 each. UASEM patches can be purchased for $2. New freshmen are entitled to one free polo. See the parent coordinator to receive yours.


  • Must be one of the three UASEM school colors: green, white, or blue.
  • Must be worn completely and professionally (not partially on or hung around the neck)
  • Polos, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, and cardigans are all acceptable as long as they are green, blue, or white, and do not have any logos or writing on them.
  • Coats, jackets, and other outerwear should go in a locker or will be confiscated by teachers and staff.

Pants and Skirts

  • Solid khaki color and material (no denim)
  • Navy blue sweats or pants (no denim)
  • Knee-length skirts in khaki or navy.


  • Students may wear close-toed shoes of their choice.
  • No stiletto heels or spiked heels of any type higher than 2 inches.  


  • Necklaces must be tucked inside the shirt, along with any charms, beads, medallions, or nameplates.
  • Belt buckles with electronic displays may not be worn.
  • Pins or buckles that tie or bunch in the back of shirts may not be worn.


  • No hats, du-rags, or casual headwear are allowed.



This year we have added a gym uniform to our officially sanctioned school uniform. The official UASEM gym attire is optional in gym, however, you must wear athletic clothes for gym class.  If you would like purchase this new addition to the school uniform, or any other UASEM clothing before the year begins, please visit the school.  Green UASEM gym t-shirt AND blue UASEM sweat pant $20 (for both).


 Chancellor’s Regulation A 413 established that each school must establish a school-based policy regarding the use of electronic devices on school property.  We understand that many of our students are traveling a great distance to come to school and families may want to be able to contact students before or after the school day.  This means many students will have their cell phones in school.   However, UASEM administration, in collaboration with the School Leadership Team, has determined that cell phones are not to be used under any circumstances while on school grounds.  Phones are to be turned off during school hours

-- If a student has their cell phone out in any part of the school building, it will be confiscated.
-- If a cell phone rings in class, we will politely ask the student to turn it off.
-- Staff does not issue any warnings to any student; electronic devices are taken immediately if they are visible in any part of the school building.
-- Students can get their cell phones back once a parent or guardian comes to the school to pick it up.
-- If a student refuses to give up their cell phone, contact the main office for assistance