The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) is a public Career and Technical Education high school that prepares students to engage in complex quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills with an understanding of the principles of Emergency Management. UASEM graduates will be equipped with the skills necessary for entry into the Emergency Management field and for a college of their choice. Our students will engage with internships, collaborative simulations, student-led community training, and strong industry partnerships. We are a continuous learning community invested in understanding our students’ needs for career and college readiness and developing the personal responsibility and empowerment of our students, parents, and staff.

Get Involved with UASEM

Volunteer your time at school.  Contribute special talents or skills. Donate books and materials on our wishlist. Join the Parent Association. Sponsor a classroom. Share other resources. Fund trips.
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Join the Parent Association

It is well known that children do better when their parents are involved both at home and at school.  The NYC Chancellor calls parent leadership the "cornerstone of the public schools," and each school is required to have a parent association.  UASEM is aiming to establish a working Parent Association before October. We need the support of the entire UASEM community to make sure our association is supporting students  in every way possible. This includes raising money, hosting events, volunteering with students, and helping out around the building.